Thunder thighs, bat-wing arms and muffin-top plague many women in their quest to attain a sleek silhouette. As if a girl has enough to worry about, wearing a supportive bra often results in another undesirable effective….bra rolls.

Also known as “back fat”, bra rolls often appear in the upper back at the bra line and are a result of excess fatty tissue or lax skin which is often “magnified” when the pressure of a brassiere is applied. For many, this condition gets worse with age. Because of the location of the tissue, it is often a trouble area tricky to address with exercise alone. So, what is a girl to do? It definitely limits ones wardrobe.

Sure, you could wear looser, less supportive brassieres or ditch them altogether, but then you set yourself up for sagging breasts and poor posture. You could also amp up your fat burning efforts with stricter devotion to proper nutrition and fitness. The problem many women are finding, however, is that no matter how much weight they may shed, their body refuses to rid itself of fat in this area.

While many companies have recently developed compression garments specifically designed to eliminate “back fat” or “bra rolls” , such products have their limits. Some garments are simply ineffective while others are hard to conceal, especially in more revealing clothing.

Unfortunately, the only way to isolate or target specific trouble areas is through surgical intervention. The two main methods of bra-roll attack are liposuction or skin tightening and excision with an upper back lift. So, which procedure are you best suited for?

Bra Fat Liposuction

For younger patients with robust skin quality who simply wish to reduce the amount of fatty tissue at the bra line, liposuction is a less invasive option. Liposuction of bra fat rolls is very effective in reducing the appearance of bulging fatty tissue at the upper back. Even better, liposuction requires less recovery and surgical time and is more affordable than a bra-line backlift. It is important to note however, due to the fibrous characteristics of the upper back, this area can be more challenging to treat. This is why it is important to do your research before selecting a surgeon to complete this procedure. While liposuction is effective in removing fat volume, liposuction will not address lax, sagging skin. Some patients are surprised to learn that what they may really need is a back lift, not liposuction.

Bra- Line Back Lift

When a patient displays poor skin elasticity and significant skin laxity, liposuction is ineffective. In fact, liposuction alone can make the area worse. For this type of patient, a bra-line back lift is best. In fact, many post-bariatric surgery patients are great candidates for this procedure as they have lost a significant amount of body fat yet struggle with loose skin where fat cells once resided.

During a bra-line back lift, an incision is made at the bra line on the back. Excess tissue is then removed and/or tightened into a lifted position. Upon healing, patients will most likely still display scarring at the incision site. Luckily, many patients are able to conceal their scar with their bra. This procedure typically takes 60 to 90 minutes to complete and starts around $6,000. Recovery typically takes one to three weeks.

During your consultation with our board certified surgeons, your treatment plan will be established whether it be simple back liposuction or a bra-line back lift. If you would like to banish the bra-roll, call (423) 648-4011 and schedule your complimentary consultation!