In an attempt to provide the utmost in patient care and education , we find it necessary to discern the field of cosmetic surgery from that of  plastic surgery.  As a practice that offers cosmetic surgery, on a daily basis,  we encounter patients who are unable to distinguish “cosmetic” from “plastic”. For this reason, we have published numerous articles expressing the differences between the two fields. One of the articles can be found here.

As the field of cosmetic surgery gains mass popularity, an increasing amount of misinformation has surfaced. In particular, New Beauty Magazine recently published an article containing a shocking amount of deception regarding the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery which ultimately depicts Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeons in a negative light. The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery has devised an informative response to address the inaccuracy resulting from the New Beauty magazine article.  Our mission to provide patient education and safety has prompted us to share this information with our readers.  We hope this will eliminate some of the confusion.

Read the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery’ s response at