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Sun spots: Actinic Keratosis?

Actinic keratoses (AKs) are rough, scaly tan brown patches on the skin, caused by excessive exposure to the sun, that can sometimes progress into dangerous skin cancers. More than 10 million Americans live with these skin lesions thinking that they represent “age spots”, and far too many people ignore them. Unfortunately, leaving AK’s untreated can […]

Hope in a jar

New anti-aging skin creams claim to do as much as medical and surgical procedures, but can they really deliver the same wrinkle-relaxing, age-defying results as some pricey filler injections, Botox or surgery? If you’re skeptical about what you see in print or on the internet, you’re not alone. Unlike medications , cosmeceuticals are not regulated […]

Scratch the Surface

Skin that is smooth and supple with a warm glow is a sure sign of youth. As we age, our skin is marked with reminders of our past experiences. The canvas of skin tells a tale of our sun exposure, wrinkles, superficial scars caused by acne, surgery or trauma. The etched skin surface is then […]

Neck Liposuction

As we age, certain areas of the body can accumulate fat that is hard to lose, in spite of a healthy diet and vigorous exercise. The neck is one such area. Fat deposits in the neck can detract from the appearance of the entire body, making a younger person seem older, or a fit person […]

Scar Technology

As a natural part of the healing process, a scar forms as a result of injury and new collagen fibers which reconnect damaged skin and create a “seam” or scar. The most common causes for scars include surgical incisions, traumatic injuries and inflammatory scars. Your options for getting rid of that scar may depend on […]