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Why Don’t I Like My Breasts?

When women look at their breasts, they may like the size but not the shape. A breast lift is a procedure that improves the look of sagging breasts while maintaining your breast size. It can also correct asymmetries and oversized areolae. For many women, the breasts begin to droop over time. This is typically due […]

The Liquid Facelift: Restore Your Beauty Without Surgery

Surgery is often the best choice for addressing multiple severe aesthetic issues at once. If your face is aging rapidly and covered in deep folds, wrinkles, and loose skin, a facelift is your best option for rejuvenation.  But what if the aesthetic issues on your face are only mild or moderate? Surgery may be too […]

Restoring the Beauty of Your Neck with a Neck Lift

Aging can change the appearance of our bodies in ways that we may not be prepared to accept. For many people, the appearance of their neck is not their main concern until the noticeable signs of aging begin to appear. Loose skin and wrinkles can create the appearance of a turkey wattle, and issues like […]

Are Your Large Breasts the Source of Your Body Pain?

A large number of women who undergo breast-reduction surgery do so for medical reasons rather than cosmetic one. These women suffer from the unwanted physical effects of having breasts that are too large for their body. Disproportionately large breasts can cause muscle and joint pain in the back, shoulders, and neck. The weight of the […]

How Long Will My Botox Results Last?

Botox injections are the perfect option for taking care of the mild fine lines and wrinkles that can form on your forehead and brow and around the corners of your eyes, nose, and chin. Although Botox injections do not provide permanent reduction, they do offer natural-looking results. Most people can expect their Botox injections to […]

How to Enhance the Length, Color, and Beauty of Your Eyelashes

Do your lashes lack the long, bold, and beautiful look you need to give your eyes irresistible charm? You can try and capture that look with false eyelashes and mascara, but it just isn’t the same as having naturally long and beautiful lashes. If you’re tired of struggling to put on false eyelashes and trying […]

Getting the Aesthetic Care You Need in Time for the Holidays

Are you ready for the holidays? You probably want to look your best for all the parties, family gatherings, and other holiday events planned for the coming month and may be considering undergoing cosmetic surgery. The only problem is that there may not be enough time for you to fully recover before the holiday season […]

Breast Augmentation: Buying New Bras

After your breast-augmentation surgery, there are few clothing changes you’re going to need to think about. You’re going to have to redo your whole bra lineup, which is an excellent chance to get your bras professionally fitted. While getting your bras professionally fitted may seem like a luxury, finding bras that are both comfortable and […]

Is Gynecomastia Ruining Your Self-Esteem?

Feeling embarrassed about the way your body looks can take a huge toll on your confidence and self-esteem. That is why gynecomastia is such a difficult issue to deal with for a lot of men. Gynecomastia is a condition that causes the male breasts to become enlarged, which gives them the appearance of “man boobs.” […]

Why Facial Volume Is So Important

Do you have noticeable folds and lines around your nose and mouth? These are very common aesthetic issues that form as a result of facial volume loss. Facial volume is what gives areas like your cheeks their full and youthful appearance and gives your face attractive contours. Over time, our faces slowly lose facial volume. […]