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At ASC, our board-certified surgeons talk with people everyday who want to consider improving their lives through cosmetic surgery. Dr. James White has many years of experience with all aspects of cosmetic surgery. He takes time to understand your goals, educate you about what you can realistically expect from treatment and make sure you get the procedures that will give you the best possible results.

Breast augmentation in Chattanooga, with ASC

One of the most common types of cosmetic surgeries our doctors perform is breast enhancement… with good reason. Improving the size and shape of your breasts can enhance your self-image and confidence. Our surgeons and female team address breast enhancement with respect, discretion and attention to detail.

Dr. White offers several techniques for breast augmentation, customized for your unique needs, along with breast lift and breast reduction procedures.

Body contouring with the latest in liposuction

Our surgeons perform liposuction to remove fat from areas of the body that don’t respond to diet and exercise – especially fat deposits on the abdomen, breast area, back, buttocks and legs. Dr. White offers leading-edge techniques in liposuction that make the procedure easier than ever before, in terms of recovery and downtime. Options include:

  • Laser and tumescent liposuction are advanced fat sculpting techniques that can be completed in a few hours with IV sedation and NO general anesthesia. Both techniques are performed with smaller instruments than older liposuction techniques, resulting in less bruising and scarring.
  • VASER® Liposelection uses ultrasound to target fat, gently break it up and remove it in a quick outpatient liposuction procedure.

Breast enhancement and liposuction are two of our most requested procedures, but Dr. White is highly experienced with a wide range of cosmetic procedures.

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