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If you are experiencing a case of “bat arms” or “wings”, an arm lift (Brachioplasty) could be the solution for you.

An arm lift is a surgical procedure that eliminates skin and fat from the upper arm, giving you a more toned appearance. It is also a great way to combat the effects of gravity, aging and reduced skin elasticity.

Depending on the severity of the condition, incision sites will vary. Most patients’ conditions are moderate and require an incision from the armpit to the elbow. Severe cases require an incision from the armpit to the forearm.

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) Recovery

While recovering, swelling and bruising is expected and should subside after a few weeks. Patients are also given a compression covering to reduce swelling and maintain the arm’s new contour.

Scarring at the incision are noticeable but should fade after a year. However, patients with insuffiencent skin elasticity may elect to undergo scar revision surgery after eight to twelve months.

If the skin on the upper arm is not excessively loose, liposuction alone may be a feasible solution. An arm lift is ideal for non-smokers who have lost weight and have very loose skin.

As with any surgery,certain risks are involved and can be discussed during your consult.

An arm lift can be great for one’s self esteem. Stop avoiding tank tops and call us for a private consult today!

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