Body Lift Chattanooga, TN

Get the effects of a tummy tuck and butt lift, all rolled into one procedure, with a body lift.

First, the incision is made around the entire waist at the bikini area. Loose skin of the midsection and buttocks is then tightened and lifted while excess skin is removed. Finally, dissolvable sutures are placed on the incision. To remove excess fluid, drains are also inserted to the incision area. The drains can usually be removed after one week. However, a compression garment must be worn for four weeks following the surgery. The compression garment reduces swelling and helps maintain the body’s new contour.

Body Lift Recovery

Recovery usually lasts for one to two weeks following the procedure. To prevent the formation of blood clots in the leg, it is important that patients begin walking the day after surgery. Light exercise can resume after two weeks, but more strenuous activities can not be performed for six weeks after the surgery.

To be a good candidate for a body lift, you must accept that scarring will be present. For most, scarring will fade within one to two years following the procedure. However, patients with insufficient skin elasticity may need to undergo scar revision surgery.

Certain risks are involved with this procedure and can be discussed in your consultation. For more information regarding this procedure, call or email us.

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