Thigh Lift Chattanooga, TN

Excess skin in the inner or outer thigh region is quite common after weight loss. Advanced Surgical Concepts offers a variety of treatments for this condition.

Sometimes, liposuction alone can take care of unsightly thighs, but if extremely redundant skin exists, a thigh lift may be the only solution. The most common type of thigh lift is a medial lift.

A medial lift eliminates fatty tissue and tightens loose skin of the inner thigh. The incision is made at the inner crease of the leg and is closed by dissolvable sutures. Drains are also placed in the incision area to remove excess fluid. To reduce swelling and maintain the newly formed contour, compression stockings must be worn for four weeks following the surgery.

Some patients elect to combine this procedure with a butt lift. This combination is known as a spiral lift. A spiral lift is ideal for patients with loose skin on the inner thighs, sagging skin on the buttocks and a poorly defined gluteal crease. Liposuction can also be performed with a thigh lift.

Thigh Lift Recovery

Usually, recovery takes one to two weeks. While recovering, some bruising should be expected. Scarring or puckering around the incision spot is noticeable but should fade for up to a year following the surgery.

To prevent the formation of blood clots, it is vital that patients begin walking the day after surgery. The patient can resume light exercise after two weeks but more strenuous exercise can not be performed until six weeks of recovery.

Risks associated with this procedure can be discussed during your complimentary consultation. To minimize potential risks,smokers must refrain from nicotine for four to six weeks before the procedure.

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