Saline Breast Implants Chattanooga, TN

Saline, a silicone based shell with a saltwater solution filling, is the most common implant used for breast augmentation. Their firmness is often criticized as being too indiscreet, but some women choose them for that very reason.

Advantages of Saline Breast Implants

Saline breast implants are particularly ideal for women that possess a significant amount of excess breast tissue. Because the implants are filled during the procedure, the volume can be adjusted so that the excess skin smoothly covers the implant, allowing for optimal fullness and shape. This also allows the surgeon to make a smaller incision, resulting in a smaller scar.

Disadvantages of Saline Implants

Although saline implants are safer and more affordable than silicone implants, saline implants have a few disadvantages such as a less natural or harder feel and increased potential for rippling. The appearance of rippling is most common in women who lack the tissue needed to support the implant. Once you have expressed your concerns and expectations in the initial consultation, the surgeon will determine the shape and size of your implants. To ensure satisfactory results, it is important to compare the pros and cons of saline implants against those of silicone implants. For more information, schedule your private consultation.

Saline Breast Implant Surgeons

As a Board Certified Surgeon, Dr. White brings extensive surgical experience and skill to his breast implant patients in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. The cosmetic surgery providers at Advanced Surgical Concepts realize what a life changing procedure a breast augmentation can be . “Cosmetic surgery can bring about some quite dramatic changes”, explains Dr. White. “We believe that patients have both physical and spiritual needs..we strive to meet both needs.” Dr. White is board certified by the American Board of Surgery and Diplomat of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

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