Chin Augmentation Chattanooga, TN

If you feel your chin is almost non-existent, mentoplasty, also known as chin enhancement, can bring proportion to an unbalanced face. A mentoplasty augments the size of your chin.

According to new research conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, chin implant surgery is the fastest growing cosmetic procedure in the US. To ensure a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, many patients prefer a mentoplasty alongside a rhinoplasty. Either way, chin surgery will correct your profile and boost your self-esteem if you are unhappy with your “weak” profile.

Chin Implant Surgery

During a chin augmentation (mentoplasty), a small incision is either placed under the jawline, lower lip or inside the mouth at the gum line. A solid, silicone implant is then inserted into the stretched incision. Finally, the incision is sewn together with sutures. When the incision is made inside the mouth, sutures are not visible.

Unlike breast implants, which are not intended as permanent devices, chin implants are intended to last a lifetime which means the patient will not ever have to replace the chin implant device.

Mentoplasty (Chin Enhancement) Recovery

After the surgery, the chin may become tender, bruised, swollen or sore. However, pain will be minimized by the pain medication your cosmetic or plastic surgeon prescribes. Recovery usually lasts for a week. It is recommended that mentoplasty patients refrain from strenuous activities for 3 to 6 weeks.

As with all surgical procedures, risks are involved and can be discussed during your consultation with Board Certified Surgeon Dr. White.

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