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By the time many of us reach our forties, our face begins to exhibit signs of damaged skin quality, particularly under our chin and around the jawline. Men and women who wish to correct unflattering “turkey necks” and “jowls”, may be suitable candidates for face lift surgery. Although more conventional face lift tactics addressed such concerns; they were very invasive leading to higher surgical cost and time, more noticeable scarring and need for longer recovery. Searching for a less invasive more natural approach to facial rejuvenation ,mini face lift techniques surfaced. The Mini Face lift, performed in our AAAHC accredited surgical suites in Chattanooga, is a surgical lift which addresses the mid to lower face. Our technique utilizes a smaller incision than older approaches allowing for less scarring and minimal discomfort and downtime. It is ideal for erasing “jowls” and “turkey neck” with natural results…not “pulled” or “wind-blown” outcomes as was common with older face lifts.

For maximum improvement, many patients combine the mini face lift with laser skin resurfacing, chin augmentation, brow lift, eyelid lift, Botox or facial fillers. Unlike older face lift approaches which require general anesthesia and extensive recovery resulting from a larger, more invasive incision, our mini face lift technique is performed under a combination of twilight sedation and local anesthesia. Not only is this safer for the patient, it is less painful. Somewhere between more invasive, older techniques and minimally invasive (yet less effective) mini-lifts, we consider our face lift a happy medium. Our method not only tightens skin, it is designed to permanently suspend the underlying structures of the lower face and upper neck

Our Face Lift is for..

Face lift surgery can be effective for men and women experiencing skin degradation, deflation or sagging of the mid to lower face. Patients are typically between 40 and 70 years of age and must be in good health. We also instruct patients to refrain from tobacco or nicotine use as this can pose risks to the patient and interfere with healing.

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The Procedure

The Office based Mini Face lift at Advanced Surgical Concepts, PLLC is an outpatient procedure that usually takes around three hours to perform, depending on the age of the patient and the degree of facial correction desired. Oral pre-medications are given to help relax the patient.

A small, relaxed “S” shaped incision is made beginning along the sideburn, extending along the front of the ear, around the earlobe and up to the hairline back from the ear toward the nape of the neck. Allowing for an inconspicuous scar, great attention is given to the placement of the incision. Short skin flaps are created with meticulous care. Then, using special suturing methods, the underlying connective tissues and facial musculatures are gently lifted and tightened .The sutures are anchored to dense tissue around the facial bones to suspend the sagging facial tissues. This suspension enhances the appearance of the jaw line and upper neck. The remaining, redundant skin is then tailored to match. The incision is carefully closed using Plastic surgery techniques designed to reduce tension and minimize any visible scarring. Sometimes, for optimal aesthetic results, a small incision will be made under the chin to remove excess tissues and can be combined with liposuction of the neck or jowl.


Although face lift recovery varies from patient to patient, most will require one week of recovery to return to their normal work activities. Swelling and bruising may be present for up to 2 to 3 weeks and can be concealed with makeup. To minimize such swelling, patients are encouraged to sleep with their head elevated for the first week and to apply cold compresses the first 48 hours. Although a prescription for pain medication is provided, most patients say over-the-counter Tylenol is all they need to alleviate any discomfort.

Face Lift Candidates

  • Healthy male or female
  • aged 40 to 65
  • Non-Smoker
  • Exhibits mild to moderate looseness in mid to lower face (lower cheeks, jaw line, neck, under chin)

Facelift cost

The cost of a facelift in our Chattanooga, Tennessee practice begins at $6,000 and includes pre-op visits, post-op visits, anesthesia, facility fees and surgeon fees. We perform facelift surgery in our State and AAAHC accredited surgical office suites. Following your complimentary consultation, you will leave with an accurate, itemized quote. We also offer financing options.


As with any type of surgery, there are inherent risks, which can include post-operative swelling, bleeding, infection and visible scarring. However, refraining from smoking and carefully following the pre- and post-operative surgical instructions will reduce the likelihood of these complications.

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