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A Neck Lift is recognized in the medical field as a Platysmaplasty. A Platysmaplasty essentially repairs the neck muscles and is great for those who have a sagging or prematurely aged neck (turkey neck). If you are feeling insecure about your neck and are in good health, you may want to consider this procedure.

First, an incision is made either under or behind the ear and under the chin. Then a portion of fat muscle is removed and the ends are connected at the front of the neck. To maximize a firm appearance, skin is often tightened around the ears. Typically, the procedure lasts two to three hours and can be paired with a face lift.

Neck Lift (Platysmaplasty) Recovery

After the procedure, your neck will most likely feel tender and tight. You should also anticipate some bruising, swelling and tingling. For the first week following the procedure, you should avoid moving the head from side to side. Strenuous activities are prohibited for approximately 21 days. Please note that scarring at the neck is one major side effect of this procedure and can last anywhere from six weeks to two years.

Although neck lifts are common procedures, there are certain risks associated with the procedure such as hematoma, lumpiness, seroma, asymmetry and possible numbness.

Also, it is vital for patients to avoid alcohol or aspirin for a week following the surgery as this can accelerate bleeding.

Upon healing, you will emerge looking younger and feeling more confident. Because the neck is slenderized, some patients even look trimmer.

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