Hair Restoration Chattanooga, TN

We lead the way in Chattanooga when it comes to giving men their confidence and vitality back by giving them new, thicker, natural hair. Dr. James White is a highly experienced cosmetic surgeon with specific experience in the newest, most effective hair restoration procedures. ASC also works with the best hair transplant technicians in the country who come to our Chattanooga facility to help ensure excellent results for you.

The New Hair Graft delivers natural-looking results

Your ASC hair restoration team performs traditional hair transplant procedures in combination with the newest, minimally invasive technique, called the New Hair Graft procedure. ASC is the first and one of the only surgical practices in the Chattanooga area to use this technique.

If you have one of the most common types of hair loss — on the top of your head, but with healthy hair on the sides and back — the New Hair Graft procedure can deliver totally natural-looking results, without the artificial, inconsistent appearance of older “hair plugs.”

The New Hair Graft procedure is the least invasive of all hair restoration surgeries. It is performed using local anesthetic, and patients report minimal discomfort and downtime.

Ready to learn how the newest hair restoration procedures can help you? Schedule a free consultation at ASC. Dr. White will walk you through the process and answer all your questions. You can see before-and-after photos and learn how easy it can be to get a new head of hair you’ll love… and the confidence that comes with it!

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