Hair Restoration for Women Chattanooga, TN

When many of us think “hair transplant”, we often view it as a procedure exclusively geared towards men. In general, our society tends to view hair loss as a masculine issue when, in fact, women are almost equally likely to experience some form of thinning hair in their life.

While most women will encounter some form of hair loss with age, typically around one’s 50’s or 60’s, this condition can occur at any age. Whether due to nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, genetics, thyroid dysfunction, surgery, medication or stress, hair loss is especially devastating to the female psyche. Thick, flowing locks are the standard of feminine beauty in any culture and not being able to achieve this look can damage one’s self-esteem.

The first step in treating this condition is to determine what is causing the hair loss. Have you had your thyroid levels evaluated? Have you recently given birth, undergone major surgery or are going through menopause with hormone changes? There are so many culprits when considering feminine hair loss and this is why treating hair loss in women is more complex than simply treating male pattern baldness.

Although hair transplant procedures can be effective for females, it is important to recognize the characteristics of an ideal candidate. Many females experiencing hair loss are suffering from conditions which cause diffuse hair loss. This is when hair loss occurs throughout the entire head. For hair transplant to be a viable option, a stable donor area of hair must exist. If you are suffering from hormonal issues, stress, or vitamin deficiencies, it is critical to address the underlying issues first. You are most likely not a candidate for hair transplant procedures as you likely have hair loss of the entire head and do not have an unaffected(donor) area.

The best candidates for female hair grafting are those who have a distinct pattern of baldness such as a receding hairline or vertex thinning. Patients with hair loss as a result of trauma, surgical incisions and burn or accident victims, can also benefit from hair transplant solutions.

While various hair grafting techniques exist, the fundamental theme is the same- hair is surgically extracted or borrowed from a donor zone and then implanted into the area of balding. Hair transplantation is an outpatient procedure which costs anywhere from $4800 to $6800 per session. The procedure itself takes around four to six hours to complete. Following a hair grafting session, your procedure treatment areas may be noticeable anywhere from five to ten days. Patients either cover the transplant area with their existing hair or simply wear a hat while in public. Your new hair growth should begin to appear three to six months after the procedure and optimal hair growth should be accomplished within two years.

While topical medications such as Rogaine are also an effective option for women, it is only ideal for treating new hair loss in small areas. Proactive applications in applying the topical medications soon upon noticing the hair loss can prove beneficial. However, hair graft procedures are the only permanent options proven to be effective in treating baldness in men and women.

Our Board Certified Surgeons offer two different hair restoration techniques in the Chattanooga practice.

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