Spectra (Q-Switch YAG Laser) Chattanooga, TN

The Spectra Q-Switch YAG Laser can tackle a number of dermatological issues such as pigmented lesions,dermal lesions, tattoo removal and wrinkles.

To effectively improve different skin types and correct various conditions, the laser is equipped with multiple modes.Two of these modes can photo-mechanically remove dermal and epidermal pigmented lesions and tattoos. Please note, due to the risk of pigmentation changes however, individuals with dark skin may not be ideal candidates for laser treatments.

The Spectra Peel, one of the various operating modes, delivers pulses that stimulate skin cell regeneration, reduce pore size and correct acne. The Spectra can also perform non-ablative laser toning procedures.

Best of all, this procedure is quick, painless and requires minimal down time. An entire face can be corrected within ten minutes!

Beauty doesn’t always require pain. For more information on the Spectra procedure, schedule your consultation with the cosmetic surgery professionals at Advanced Surgical Concepts.

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