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Frown lines are not always an effect of aging. Visible in many patients regardless of age, frown lines are a result of common facial movements like squinting or frowning. Dysport® injections are used to treat frown lines in adults younger than 65 years of age.

How does Dysport® Work?

With just 1 injection into each of 5 points between and above the eyebrows, Dysport blocks the signal from the nerve to the muscles, ultimately resulting in a reduction of muscle activity and temporarily preventing contraction of the muscles that cause frown lines. (Paragraph extracted from www.dysportusa.com)

How does Dysport® differ from Botox?

Dysport and Botox are both botulinum toxin type A proteins that work by paralyzing the muscles responsible for frown lines. However, Dysport has been reported to produce quicker results , taking effect about two days faster than Botox. Dysport has also proven to be an effective alternative for patients that have developed an immunity to Botox.

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