Scar Revision Chattanooga, TN

Whether from an injury or surgery, scars can be rather unsightly. We offer a variety of procedures to help conceal scars, but we can never completely remove them. If you are interested in concealing a scar resulting from a surgical procedure, we recommend waiting one full year following the surgery as most scars significantly fade after a year.

With steroid injections, significant improvements can be made to keloid or hypertrophic scars. We also offer laser treatment to help with mild scars.

Surgical Removal of Scars

The cosmetic surgeons at Advanced Surgical Concepts will strive to to apply the least invasive solutions first. For more stubborn scars,however, the surgeons must surgically remove the scar tissue to lessen the appearance of scars. Because every scar is different, a course of action cannot be determined until you have first consulted with a surgeon.Call or email us for more information.

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