Daddy Makeover: Cosmetic Surgery for Men

By Dr. James White

Surgical intervention involving cosmetic augmentations for the face and body are no longer exclusive to the female population. This father’s day, you may want to consider the gift of Botox, hair restoration, liposuction or eyelid lift surgery for your dad as the popularity of male patients undergoing cosmetic surgery is on the rise.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there has been a 121% increase in males undergoing cosmetic procedures since 1997. While non-surgical enhancements like Botox and facial fillers have become increasingly popular among aging males, liposuction was found to be the most commonly requested procedure for men.

Industry experts speculate that this rise in male, cosmetic patients is most likely due to a combination of factors including advances in medical technology, a more competitive professional environment and an aging US population. Simply put, aging males are feeling the pressure to compete with their younger, more attractive colleagues in a cut-throat workforce and, thanks to improvements in anesthesia, these procedures are more affordable and readily available.

Just as the “mommy makeover” is a loose term cosmetic surgeons use to describe a combination of procedures completed in one surgical session, a “daddy makeover” could include liposuction,pectoral implantation, blepharoplasty, face lift, rhinoplasty or hair restoration procedures all performed in the same day. Patients like to combine these procedures for multiple factors…

1. Recovery- If you are like most busy dads, downtime is hard to come by. With a daddy makeover, you don’t have to schedule separate recovery times for each treatment. You recover from all procedures at once.

2. Price – Electing to undergo multiple procedures at once allows for a discounted rate.

3. Quick Results- Instead of dragging out the process of your transformation by undergoing the knife, recovering, then repeating this process each time you undergo another procedure, you can be done with it at once.

Simply because you are a dad does not mean you do not deserve to look and feel your best. Increased self-esteem improves all areas of one’s life. To find out what cosmetic surgery can do for you, book a complimentary consult with our Board Certified Surgeons. Call (423) 648-4011.

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