Good Cosmetic Surgery

If you pay any attention to tabloid headlines, you will notice celebrity plastic surgery is a common topic. With the “Did She or Didn’t She?” ,or even more sensational, “Plastic Surgery Nightmare” features saturating the magazine covers, “plastic surgery” and “celebrity” are two terms which have become closely related. Cosmetic plastic surgery is so common in Hollywood that it might even be rare to find a celebrity that has gone completely without some sort of cosmetic enhancement.

However, good cosmetic surgery rarely receives the press coverage that the botched jobs do. So, why? Aside from the fact that the negative stories tend to be more exciting to the public, good cosmetic surgery can be so subtle it often goes unnoticed to the unassuming eye.

The sign of good cosmetic surgery is, in fact, that there is no sign at all. This is a mentality greatly valued at our cosmetic surgery practice . Whether it be a face lift, brow lift or lip enhancement , the results should only enhance and rejuvenate your natural beauty….you, but only a few years younger. Your friends may notice something is different, but they can’t pinpoint just what it is.

The truth of the matter is that plenty of celebs are going under the knife, however, most find cosmetic surgeons who subtly enhance their natural beauty instead of completely altering it. Disastrous cases tend to result most likely as a combination of incompetence on the surgeon’s end or mental instability on the patient’s behalf. Patients with body dysmorphic disorder will often push plastic surgery to the extreme by augmenting features that do not need augmentation. This is a recipe for disaster.

Ultimately, cosmetic surgery can work wonders for one’s confidence and appearance when performed by a highly qualified, Board Certified surgeon on a mentally stable patient. To ensure satisfaction with your cosmetic surgery, make sure to research your surgeon. Do you like their before and afters? Are they board certified? Make sure you are undergoing cosmetic surgery for the right reasons.

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