An Instant Improvement for the New Year

By Dr. James White

The new year has arrived and with the sense of a fresh start, many of us have resolved to improve at least one aspect of our life. Whether it be related to appearances, health, finances or relationships, an estimated 45 percent of Americans regularly make New Year’s resolutions, and while most resolutions require significant time and unrelenting effort, there are ways to almost instantly transform yourself and your life.

No matter what the advertisements for most exercise DVDs and diet pills claim, weight loss, the most popular resolution among Americans, does not happen overnight…but dont get discouraged. If you are as impatient as most of us, there are faster ways to improve your appearance and begin 2013 with a boost of self-esteem. Be it injectable fillers, liposuction, breast augmentation or facelift surgery, the results associated with cosmetic enhancements are essentially instant. Even more, recent studies suggest that cosmetic surgery patients experience not only an improvement in physical appearance, but an improved quality of life.

Although the number of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures performed in the US continue to rise, do not assume that undergoing surgical enhancements are as simple as a mani-pedi session at your local spa. Just as with any surgical procedure, certain risks such as swelling, bruising, bleeding, numbness and blood clots are possible. It is also essential for patients to arrange for adequate downtime while healing from their cosmetic procedure.

To minimize the possibility of serious complications, it is essential for patients to choose their cosmetic or plastic surgeon wisely. For starters, patients should research their surgeon’s board certification. At a minimum, a surgeon should hold board certification from the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery or the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

It is also wise to go online to view the surgeon’s before and after gallery and check online reviews. Do you like what you see? In terms of surgical accommodations, make sure the facility where your surgery is scheduled is accredited. Recent data suggests that the safety of office based procedures is comparable to that of hospitals. Beware, however, as many office surgical facilities are not accredited by any respectable organization.

To ensure satisfaction with your surgery, be sure to establish realistic expectations and openly discuss your goals and expectations with your surgeon. You may not be an ideal candidate for the procedure you are wanting. For example, smokers do not qualify for many of our surgical procedures just as someone with a BMI of over 31 is not an ideal candidate for liposuction.

Get the new year started with an instant transformation and make 2013 your best year yet! Happy new year from all of us at Advanced Surgical Concepts!

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