4 Reasons why you may need another breast surgery…after augmentation

By Dr. James White

Whether you are considering breast augmentation surgery or have already had breast enhancement surgery, it is important to face the facts regarding repeat surgery. In order for a patient to fully gain satisfaction with breast enhancement, or any cosmetic procedure for that matter, it is vital they approach their surgery with realistic expectations- educated and fully aware of all risks involved. One such risk or drawback of breast implant surgery is the high likelihood of the need for a repeat surgery—one out of every five patients. When a patient pursues breast enhancement surgery, the need for revisional or repeat surgery typically doesn’t enter her mind, but it should. Below are some of the reasons patients may need repeat breast enhancement surgery.

1.Implants don’t last forever

Breast implants are not lifetime devices. In fact, breast implant manufacturers recommend replacing implants every 10 years as risk for possible rupture increases after 10 years. In the case your implants do rupture before 10 years, most implant manufacturers offer a limited lifetime warranty which will cover implant replacement costs. Saline implant rupture is easily detected as your implant will noticeably deflate. However, silicone rupture is more tricky to detect. This is because new silicone implants are composed of a cohesive silicone, gel not like the old silicone implants which had silicone oil. Most likely, a silicone implant will not deflate when ruptured. MRI is often the only way to confirm silicone implant rupture.

2.Size Adjustment

Most women try to take a conservative approach when pursuing breast enhancement. They fear larger implant size will result in an over-the-top effect and may choose too small of an implant. As they recover from their surgery and the swelling subsides, they realize they could have possibly gone with larger implants. In fact, in most cases, women choose to go larger with their second procedure. In rare cases however, some patients may decide to downsize as extremely large implants can sometimes pose discomfort. Personalized three decisional photography review during your initial cosmetic consultations has dramatically reduced the sizing problem. Discussed your 3-D images with your surgeon including implant size, implant position, scar position.

3.Breast Lift

While implants can restore lost volume and provide a subtle lift, breast implants will not stop the aging or sagging process of the surrounding breast tissue. A natural look will not be attained with implants alone if a breast lift is also needed. Many women misguidedly believe that breast implants do not require the same care and support that natural breasts require. This is false! Breast augmentation patients still need to wear supportive bras and many patients find that lack of care, or extreme weight fluctuation leaves their once perky breast implants saggy and in need of a lift years down the road. Some patients will seek repeat breast augmentation to lift their breasts. This is why we typically recommend patients stabilize their weight and are finished with child bearing before undergoing breast augmentation surgery.

4.Capsular Contracture

Although extremely rare, some patients may develop painful scar tissues around the breast implants called Capsular Contracture. This occurs when natural breast tissue unnaturally hardens around the breast implant. Women who choose saline implants or implants not placed under the muscle are more at risk than those who choose silicone gel implants placed under the muscle. In mild cases, simple breast compression exercises can resolve this hardened tissue. In severe cases, however, additional surgery is required to alleviate the discomfort associated with the hardened capsule.

Find a surgeon who will spend time educating you regarding breast enhancement options. Spend time reading and planning. Remember Rome was not built in a day. Schedule your private breast enhancement consultation with our Board Certified Surgeons; Advanced Surgical Concepts (423) 648-4011. Check out our before and after breast images; Advsurgical.com.

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