Breast Implants : Finding the perfect size using 3D technology

By Dr. James White

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with breast implants? Or, maybe you are seriously considering breast augmentation but are unsure of just how much larger you would like to go.

Our practice is proud to announce the arrival of the new Crisalix 3D breast imaging simulator to our private, breast augmentation consultations. This cutting edge technology helps patients by taking the guesswork out of size and style selection.

Using photos uploaded to a computer from a digital camera and a few measurements of the patient , the Crisalix preview technology reconstructs the patient’s body in 3D . The patient then can make endless adjustments to implant size and style to preview how it will look from a 3D perspective. This technology is the world’s first physical 3D simulator . Integrating properties of the muscle, skin, fat and glandular parts , this technology allows for realistic detail never achieved before.

To celebrate the addition of this technology to our practice, we are currently offering silicone breast implants to first time breast augmentation patients for $3775. Breast augmentation surgery must be completed from November 1, 2012 and January 31, 2013. Certain restrictions apply, so call our office at (423) 648-4011 for more details.

For a complimentary consultation call (423) 648-4011.