Cup Size and Breast Implant Expectations

By Dr. James White

During breast augmentation consultations, patients often refer to cup size as a determining factor for breast enhancement strategy. While this reference can definitely help guide the surgeon, cup size is not always the most accurate way to determine breast implant size nor should it be the lone focus when considering this procedure. Size is not the all important measurement; shape, symmetry and balance are much more important in the overall aesthetics of the breast.

As you may have already discovered, cup sizes vary significantly among designers and brands. What may be considered a “C” cup at Victoria’s Secret may be a “B” cup at another retailer. Further contributing to cup size discrepancy is the fact that many women are not wearing the correct bra size to begin with. In fact, a study conducted in 2004 by a leading bra manufacturer concluded that eight out of ten women in the U.S. wear the wrong brassiere size. When considering something as serious as breast surgery, the goal is to be as precise as possible. Given the inaccuracies related to cup size, it is simply unrealistic to rely on this as your sole gauge of breast implant sizing.

In the realm of breast implants, size is determined by cubic centimeters, or cc’s, as opposed to cup size. While cc’s are a much more accurate unit of measurement than cup size, size is one factor that simply cannot be guaranteed. As a general rule of thumb; 1 cup size equals approximately 250cc in volume. The best way to determine satisfaction with your results is to fully explain your wishes regarding your new look to your surgeon. It is important for patients to bring in photos of their desired look and to explain what they hope to achieve. Do you want upper breast pole fullness? Do you want round breasts or teardrop shape? Do you want an obviously augmented look or would you rather appear as natural as possible? All of these aspects play a role in overall patient satisfaction. Cup size is only secondary.

In addition to ample patient-surgeon communication regarding your goals, technology has allowed for many useful visualizer tools. 3D breast implant simulators are available at most cosmetic surgeons offices. One can actually go on line and complete 3D breast images in the luxury of your on home. Using photos uploaded to a computer from a digital camera and a few measurements, the preview technology reconstructs each patient’s body in 3D . The patient then can make endless adjustments to implant size and style to preview how it will look from a 3D perspective. The images can be rotated in space allowing visualization in all dimensions.

While size is an important aspect of breast augmentation surgery, it is important to acknowledge other aspects of breast enhancement with your surgeon. Our office has the Crisalix 3D simulator. we can assist you during your private consultation.Volume is not the all in all. A standard mayonnaise jar has the same volume as a 1 liter bottle of soft drink; but the shapes are totally different. New breast implants come in many shapes from round and flat to tear drop to ultra high. After all, what good will the achievement of your ideal cup size size be if you are unhappy with the ultimate shape outcome? Do your homework. Review before and after images on our website. Review before and after images from other surgeons in the Chattanooga region. Choose more than a cup size.

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