Exercising After Breast Augmentation Surgery

By Dr. James White

One of the most challenging aspects of breast augmentation surgery for many of the women that we treat are the post-operative restrictions. Post operatively patients are requested to avoid exercise for two weeks following their breast enhancement surgery. This is a big problem for many patients seeking breast augmentation who are physically fit and body conscious.

To facilitate optimal healing and recovery , we advise patients to avoid any activity which may elevate their blood pressure and heart rate for two weeks following breast augmentation surgery. Strenuous activity within the first two weeks of recovery pose a greater risk for increased bleeding and swelling and should therefore be avoided. Once a patient has reached the three week post-op mark, it is important to slowly ease back into a workout routine.

The best forms of exercise, once you have been cleared by your surgeon, is moderate cardiovascular activity such as walking and stationary bike riding. Heavy lifting and running should be delayed until you are completely free of soreness and swelling. When in recovery mode the “no pain, no gain” mentality should be neglected. It is important to be mindful of how your body responds to exercise. If it hurts, refrain. Around six weeks, many patients begin to feel like themselves again and are finally able to resume activities such as running, upper body exercises and weight lifting. Keep in mind however, that you may need more time to attain the level of physicality you once engaged in prior to surgery.

Some patients may have greater difficulty performing chest exercises like push-ups and chest presses after their surgery. Most likely this is a result of implants which have been placed under the muscle. While this is the recommended technique, submuscular implant placement is more invasive and requires greater downtime. The pectoralis muscle must be stretched in order to house a greater amount of volume from the implant . So , the larger the implant, the more the muscle will have to stretch. This often causes the patient to initially feel weaker when performing chest exercises.

Another factor to be mindful of before you resume exercising after breast augmentation, is the need for support. Just as natural breasts require supportive undergarments, so do augmented breasts. Be sure to invest in a supportive sports bra. Failure to keep breast implants properly supported can result in sagging, and in more severe cases, a condition referred to as “bottoming out”. This is a deformation that occurs when the breast implant descends low on the chest causing the nipple to appear abnormally high on the breast mound. While this can be due to surgeon error, most often is it related to poor post operative support. Proper support is your best line of defense.

When recovering from breast enlargement surgery, the best rule of thumb is to follow your surgeon’s orders. As eager as you may be to hit the gym, it is not worth putting your safety and recovery at risk. Use your recovery time as a chance to relax and catch up on books and movies.

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