Gummy Bear Implants

By Dr. James White

The FDA has approved a new type of breast implant. Termed by many as “gummy bears”, this is not a reference to candy, but a silicone implant filled with a unique gel. This year tear drop shaped silicone gel breast implants were approved.

Like the newer silicone gel implants, gummy bear implants are comprised of a cohesive, silicone gel with a consistency reminiscent of a Gummy Bear or Jello. While the composition of the new “gummy bear” implant itself is not entirely unique from standard silicone gel implants, only slightly firmer, the new tear drop shape is unique. Distinct from the standard, round shape of most implants, these new implants have a tear drop shape in which the implant is fuller at the bottom, and tapers at the top. Very similar to the shape of a natural breast.

While even round silicone gel implants can appear natural, and sometimes teardrop-shaped, the latest breast implants can actually shape the breasts even when all of the native breast tissue has been removed in the case of mastectomy. Unlike softer, round implants which have the tendency to conform to the shape of one’s inherent form, teardrop-shaped implants are more likely to give shape to the breast because of their pre-molded contour and firmer material.

These teardrop-shaped implants appeal to women who prefer to have as natural of an appearance as possible and do not wish for much fullness at the top-or an operated look. They tend to serve more of a benefit to thin chested women who may be more at a risk of exhibiting rippling at the bottom of the implant. Because of the gummy bear implant’s firmer texture, silicone gel will not travel and collect on the bottom and be less likely to form ripples in the silicone shell. For the most part, however, rippling is rarely visible in silicone gel implant patients unless the patient possesses exceptionally thin skin, little native tissue or has had the breast tissue removed by mastectomy.

Although these new implants are praised for their natural shape and less potential for rippling, the potential for implant rotation is possible and could be problematic. When a round implant rotates, it is of no consequence to the appearance of the breast. When a teardrop-shaped implant rotates,however, it could cause an undesirable effect on the breast….a deformation. As with any new product, only time over the long term will prove the benefits and risks.

Ultimately, silicone gel implants are the tried and true breast implant of choice for most surgeons. That being said, the addition of the teardrop-shaped implant is groundbreaking in that it adds more choices for consumers and is particularly ideal for use in reconstructive breast surgery.

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