Reasons to Consider Breast Reduction Surgery

By Dr. James White

While most women come to our practice seeking larger breasts, bigger does not always translate to better. Many smaller chested patients may envy those born with naturally voluptuous breasts. However, bigger breasts can come with a price. In fact, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons consider this surgery not simply cosmetic, but medically legitimate. Below are reasons to consider getting breast reduction surgery.

1. Back Pain

Probably the most common reason why women invest in breast reduction surgery is to relieve back pain caused by significantly enlarge breasts. The greater the volume of the breasts, the heavier the mass effect. When the size of the breasts is disproportionate to the strength of the back, poor posture and pain may result. Of course physical therapy and chiropractic sessions are an option, but these treatments can add up in monetary cost and can be time consuming. By reducing the size of the breast with surgery, you also reduce the weight of the chest ultimately easing back pain. In addition to back or neck pain, patients may also experience numbness, difficulty breathing and/or painful bra strap indentations. Breast reduction surgery can ease all of these symptoms in one single procedure.

2. Skin Irritation

Patients with larger breasts are often prone to excessive sweating under the breasts. Perspiration in this area often leads to skin irritation similar to diaper rash. It is often a futile effort to relieve such skin irritation as it is a difficult area to keep dry and uncovered. Breast reduction can help ease this condition by reducing perspiration of the area and allowing for less friction of the skin below the breast.

3. Self Esteem

Many patients are ashamed of their disproportionate breasts. They feel self-conscious as though their breasts are the main focal point of their appearance. Young women who have abnormally large breast can be targets for school bullies. Large breasts can also cause many to appear heavier than their actual physique …making most clothing ill fitting. It is often a struggle for these patients to even find proper fitting garments. Breast reduction often boosts self-esteem and makes clothes shopping a pleasure.

4. Physical Performance

Excessive breast tissue can often hinder one’s physical capacity. Whether it be running, dancing, swimming or golfing, bigger breasts can be a nuisance – taking the pleasure out of many physical hobbies. After breast reduction surgery, many patients take up new activities that they had previously avoided. It is a truly liberating experience for most.

Breast reduction surgery is a relatively straightforward procedure which takes about two hours to perform. During the procedure, three incisions are made. Incisions are made around the nipple, vertically under the nipple and in the horizontal crease under the breast. Then, excess glandular or fatty tissue is removed. Recovery typically lasts one to two weeks. The procedure costs around $7000.

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