Eye Rejuvenation Treatments

By Dr. James White

Without a doubt, the eyes are one of the most prominent features of the face. They serve as windows to our soul, expressing a range of emotions. Unfortunately, they are also one of the first places to express signs of aging, lack of sleep and malnourishment . From “crow’s feet” and drooping hoods to hollowed under-eyes or lower lid bags, our eyes can sometimes cause us to look older than our true age. Not to be discouraged, however. Whether it be blepharoplasty (eyelid lift surgery) or fillers, there is most likely a solution for your concern.

Fillers for Under Eye Hollows

Hyalauronic fillers such as Restylane can often save patients experiencing hollowed under-eyes or dark circles from having to undergo surgical intervention. Unlike thicker dermal fillers such as Juvederm or Perlane, Restylane is particularly ideal for treatment around the eyes because of its thinner consistency. This hyaluaronic filler provides volume which corrects hollows and can camouflage darkness. While this treatment doesn’t require true downtime and is more affordable than surgery, the results are not permanent, lasting only up to one year. Under eye injections can be tricky to perform. Therefore it is crucial to be highly selective when choosing your performing injector. If performed incorrectly, it is possible to experience lumpiness and discoloration. In very rare cases, improper application of fillers have compromised vision.

Fat Transfer for Under-eyes

If you are looking for a longer lasting solution to under-eye circles and hollows, a fat transfer may be more ideal. During a fat transfer, fat is extracted, typically from the stomach through liposuction, processed and then injected underneath the eye with a syringe. It is basically a more invasive and permanent approach to injectable fillers. Instead of only lasting a matter of months, however, the results from a fat transfer can last for years. While a fat transfer can effectively fill hollows and conceal dark circles, it cannot correct structural issues such as heavy upper lids or under-eye “bags”.

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) for Puffy or Hooded Eyes

For patients who exhibit heavy bags under the eyes or loose , hooded skin on the upper lids, eyelid surgery is often recommended. For under-eye bags, a lower blepharoplasty corrects the appearance of puffy lower lids by surgical excision of loose, wrinkled skin. On the other hand, an upper blepharoplasty involves the surgical removal of excess skin on the upper lid. While lower blepharoplasty is only performed for cosmetic purposes, if the the patient can prove interrupted vision due to the excess skin of the upper lid, an upper blepharoplasty may be covered by insurance. Eyelid lift surgery is an outpatient procedure that takes one to three hours and is completed under local anesthesia. Recovery lasts for approximately ten days and minor discomfort is normal. While healing, the eyelids may feel sore and tight. However, pain medication is administered to minimize discomfort. Although blepharoplasty is effective in correcting conditions linked to excess, wrinkled lids, a blepharoplasty will not correct dark circles or hollows.

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