Combining facelift with chin augmentation

Over the past two years, chin augmentation has gained massive popularity among younger and more mature patients . Almost as common as breast augmentation, chin implant surgery is often sought for as a means of balancing a large nose or nasal profile. However, chin augmentation is also an effective, yet subtle anti-aging procedure in regards to the turkey gobbler neck.

One of the first areas our face exhibits age can be found in the jawline and chin. As we age, our chin bony structure recedes causing our nose to appear larger than it is, shortening the contour of the neck and creating lax, sagging skin—the dreaded turkey gobbler. Ultimately, the recession of the chin skews facial harmony. In fact, studies have revealed that prominent chins are associated with youth, leadership and success while people with “weak” chins are perceived as timid and inferior.

Not only can a chin implant provide balance to the nasal profile, it can also restore volume and shape to an aging chin and allow for a more aesthetically pleasing chin and neck contour. For patients exhibiting sagging jowls and a recessed chin, we combine chin augmentation with facelift surgery. This provides the most optimal, anti-aging results.

Chin implants offered at our practice are comprised of solid, medical grade silicone and vary in size-anatomic—in other words they are custom fit to the chin. While the solid silicone implants are intended for lifetime use, the implant is easily reversible. Silicone implant placement is a relatively simple procedure can be completed under local anesthesia within 45 minutes. Most patients can have the procedure on a Friday and return to work on a Monday with minimal downtime. However, if performed in conjunction with a facelift, patients will need to take more time off for recovery.

From 2010 to 2011, chin augmentation popularity increased by 71 percent across the USA. The largest growth occurred among patients over 40 years old. According to a plastic surgeon interviewed by the Today show, “The biggest jump [percent popularity increase] was in people over 40, which is the point where people are bridging the gap between youthfulness and middle age. They’re getting loose skin under the jaw line and a chin implant can make an immediate improvement. This is the kind of operation that whispers; it doesn’t shout – it makes people look better.” (

While a facelift alone is great for tightening lax jaw lines, it cannot volumize a weak chin. On the other hand, a chin can create a more appealing profile and neck contour but fails to address jowls. When combined, these procedures can erase years from one’s perceived age by projecting a youthful profile and contour of the neck, jaws.

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