Eyelid and Face lift combined to combat signs of aging

By Dr. James White

In an attempt to combat signs of aging, it seems increasingly popular for patients at our practice to undergo face lift and eyelid lift surgery in one surgical session.

Most likely, the combination of eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) and mid face lift surgery has become so common because such procedures correct the areas of the face that tend to show signs of aging the most. By the time many reach their 40’s, one can observe sagging in the jowls and an excess of skin and fat on the eyelids. Some may even begin to notice drooping of the brow or wrinkling of the forehead. If this is the case, a brow or forehead lift can effectively correct this facial region when Botox is not enough and is also commonly performed in conjunction with face lift and eyelid lift surgery.

Many face lift and eyelid lift patients also like to combine laser skin resurfacing and fat transfer. Through years of experience at our practice, we have found this to be an amazingly effective combination which can erase years from one’s perceived age. In addition to providing optimal results, combining multiple procedure can minimize recovery time and prove more cost effective than having each procedure scheduled individually. To determine which combination is suitable for you, schedule a complimentary consultation at (423) 648-4011.

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