Facelift After Weight Loss

Weight loss of any proportion is an accomplishment to be celebrated, but significant weight loss is not only an impressive feat – it is a roller-coaster of a journey. Unfortunately for those experiencing serious fat loss, the work does not end once the ideal weight has been attained. Many will encounter another interference on the road to self-esteem…sagging skin.

While arm lift, tummy tuck or thigh lift surgery may first come to mind when discussing treatments to address excessive skin after weight loss, we often neglect the face and neck. Facelift surgery is mostly regarded as an anti-aging type of procedure. However, it can also be used to treat sagging skin resulting from massive weight loss.

After fatty tissue subsides from the skin, elasticity of the skin is often compromised and fails to shrink back in place. As a result, extra skin is evident by the appearance of “turkey neck”, jowls, sunken cheeks or drooping skin. Facelift surgery is accomplished by removing redundant skin and tightening it back to a more visually appealing position. While a facelift following weight loss is very similar to a traditional facelift, it often requires more skin removal and even different incision patterns.

When simple tightening and removing of the skin is not enough, dermal fillers, cheek implants or even fat injections may be needed to give skin youthful volume and glow. Face lift procedures offered at our Chattanooga practice targets jowls and turkey neck and can easily be combined with other procedures like fat transfer, cheek implant or chin implant surgery. The goal of a skin reduction face lift is to tighten the skin back to a more flattering position without overdoing it…avoiding “pulled” or “plastic” results.

Before undergoing facelift surgery, it is important to have reached stability in weight. Once the weight goal is reached, that weight must be maintained for at least 6 months. This will insure that the body is ready to undergo surgery. It is also important to refrain from any tobacco use prior to and following your surgery as tobacco or nicotine can prevent proper healing and even lead to infection.

Recovery following facelift surgery varies upon patient but most must wait one to two weeks before resuming daily activities. Swelling and bruising is typically present up to three weeks post-op. A compression garment must be worn until swelling subsides. Facelift procedure cost starts around $8000 and most cosmetic surgery practices, including ours, offer financing options.

Weight loss is an amazing triumph. Don’t let excessive skin overshadow your efforts. Our Board Certified Surgeons have years of experience and training and facelift surgery. You can view our before and after gallery ADVsurgical.com.

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