Good Age for Facelift

With age comes wisdom, experience, a greater sense of self and , unfortunately, jowls and “turkey neck”. While many dismiss such unfortunate manifestations of aging as simply a badge of maturity, and there is nothing wrong with this, many of us do not wish to look our true calendar age. Although facelift surgery can effectively address such superficial perils of aging, many patients dismiss this option as they assume they are too old for cosmetic surgery, but this may not be the case.

While facelift surgery performed in one’s 40’s or 50’s may be more proactive, patients with good health in their 60’s or 70’s may be perfectly fit candidates. In fact, medical history, physical health and medications taken prior to facelift surgery are much more important than chronological age. Simply put, there is no perfect age for a facelift as everyone ages differently. Just as there are certain advantages to having a facelift later in life, certain benefits are also associated with undergoing the procedure earlier in life.

Patients who undergo facelift surgery in their 40’s and 50’s often exhibit less severe skin laxity. As a result, these patients will most likely require a smaller incision resulting in a smaller procedure and shorter recovery time. As an added benefit, these patients, often in the prime of their careers, may also gain a competitive edge by appearing more youthful and refreshed than their colleagues.

When patients wait until their 60’s or 70’s to undergo facelift surgery, they may require a more extensive incision resulting in a longer procedure which requires longer recovery. However, many patients will have more time for recovery as they have already reached retirement. For many patients who have devoted their lives to their family or career, cosmetic surgery is a way to reward themselves.

Ultimately, there is no such thing as a perfect age for facelift surgery. Selected surgeon, health, genetics and lifestyle all contribute to the success of one’s results. Medical clearance may be required from one’s primary care provider prior to surgery.

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