Our Mini Facelift vs. Lifestyle Lift

By Dr. James White

With an aging US population, the demand for facial rejuvenation procedures is on the rise. Thanks to this growing demand and recent advancement in surgical technology, the aging cosmetic surgery patient has more options regarding anti-aging procedures, like face lift, brow lift and eyelid lift, than ever before. With all of these options comes confusion and one question in particular is frequently asked in our office, “Is the Lifestyle Lift the same as your mini facelift?” The short answer is no.

Our technique differs from the Lifestyle lift…

While both techniques are modified, less invasive versions of the traditional face lift, our mini lift is considered more labor-intensive and time consuming than the Lifestyle lift.

Although both are considered “mini face lifts” intended to address the mid to lower face, our approach involves the tightening of the connective tissue layer below the skin (called the “superficial musculoaponeurotic system, or SMAS), making the results longer lasting. Contrastingly, the Lifestyle lift only tightens the skin and to a lesser degree the SMAS. From experience, it is believed that the SMAS provides a sturdier suspension and lift than skin alone. Thus, the results associated with our facelift technique are speculated to last longer than those of the Lifestyle lift.

While our face lift may provide longer lasting results, it is typically more invasive than the Lifestyle lift. The procedure duration of the Lifestyle lift is often reported to last only 1 to 2 hours while our lift normally takes at least 3 hours to perform. The downtime is also longer with the more invasive procedures. Although both techniques are more affordable than traditional facelifts, the Lifestyle lift is often quoted at a lower price . Fortunately, both procedures can be completed under local anesthesia with IV sedation, which prove beneficial to the patient when safety and cost are concerns.

Which facelift technique is the best for me?

Formal facial review in consultation is needed to make an informed incision. Check out before and after photographs of patients whom have had the procedures completed. Know that the before and after photographs represent the “best of the best”. Both techniques are intended for patients looking for a less invasive and more natural-looking alternative to the original facelift. No matter which mid face mini lift that you choose, make sure you perform extensive research on your cosmetic plastic surgeon. If the surgeon does not exemplify skills and artistic eye matching your standards, you will not be satisfied with any “market name” technique.

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