Facial Fillers Press Release

Chattanooga, February 24, 2011– In the past five years, cosmetic surgeons have begun looking into how adding volume to the face can decrease the severity of wrinkles and restore a youthful look. According to Advanced Surgical Concepts’ Dr. James White, a Board Certified Surgeon who does face lift procedures and more at his practice in Chattanooga, TN, volume seems to be one of the main keys to achieving younger looking skin.

As Dr. White explains, volume – or a lack thereof – falls right into what he calls the “three Ds of aging.” These three Ds are deflation, degradation, and descent. With deflation, the face loses volume. This is a natural part of aging, especially for thin women without much body fat.

According to Dr. White, women tend to lose fat in the areas where they don’t want to lose fat. Additionally, aging can lead to a loss of volume in the bone, as well. The problem with this is that with a loss of volume, the facial skin can begin to look saggy. A tight face is a young-looking face, while loose, saggy face is often viewed as an aged face.

As a surgeon who offers face lift procedures, Botox, and more at his practice in Chattanooga, Dr. White explains that he can replace the volume that women have lost in their faces with man-made fillers placed near the bone. A Board Certified Surgeon like Dr. White can also place volume in the soft tissues of the face with a fat transfer. On top of that, cosmetic surgeons are also developing ways to tighten the skin without injecting any fillers – such as with procedures like laser resurfacing, Thermage, and even surgical excisions that remove excess skin and tighten the skin that is left.

The idea that increasing the volume in a woman’s face may make her look younger is still relatively new, and Dr. White says very few cosmetic surgeons were even thinking about fillers and fat transfers just five years ago. Nonetheless, adding volume to the face is now the main way that cosmetic surgeons will tackle these sorts of issues for their female patients.

Whether a patient is coming to his office for a fat transfer, facial filler, or a face lift, Dr. White believes that the important part is that she leaves happy. In his experience, there is no single treatment that works for everyone. A face lift might be the best option for one woman, while Botox injections may be the best option for another.

Additionally, Dr. White takes care in explaining that patients need to know the difference between a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon when deciding on the person who will perform their surgeries. As a surgeon, Dr. White explains that he is solely focused on trying to improve the faces and the bodies of his patients from an aesthetic point of view. Plastic surgeons, meanwhile, are not always looking at patients from this perspective. Rather, plastic surgeons are doctors who have been trained in using reconstructive surgery to help people suffering from severe trauma or cancers.

To find the cosmetic surgeon or plastic surgeon who is the best fit for you, Dr. White recommends looking around, doing research, and potentially even visiting a few surgeons for consultations.

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