Facelift FAQ

How does your facelift differ from a Lifestyle lift?

Although our face lift and the Lifestyle lift are considered mini face lifts, our technique tightens the connective tissue layer below the skin (called the superficial musculoaponeurotic system) to a greater degree than the Lifestyle lift. As a result, the effects of our facelift technique last longer. Because our technique requires greater surgical labor, the lifestyle lift is often quoted at a lower price and requires less downtime.

How is a mini facelift different from a Traditional facelift?

Traditional facelifts are typically more invasive , calling for larger incisions and longer downtime. Some facelifts can be so extensive that the entire face is addressed including the neck and forehead. Due to the use of general anesthesia and larger incision size typically involved with more traditional techniques, there is also a higher likelihood of complications. Our technique allows us to perform the procedure under twilight sedation and takes 2 to 3 hours to complete as opposed to an entire day which is needed for more dated techniques. Because we utilize a smaller incision and address only the mid to lower face (jowls and “turkey neck”), less surgical time, swelling, bruising and recovery is involved.

Is the facelift a proven medical procedure?

Confirming what we have seen in our Cosmetic Surgery practice for years, a study published in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery revealed that patients looked an average of 9 years younger than their actual age after receiving facial rejuvenation procedures like facelifts, eyelid lifts and browlifts.

Will the scars be noticeable?

The majority of facelift patients who follow post-op care instructions find scarring to be basically undetectable once complete healing has been achieved. The incision is made along the sideburn which extends along the ear, around the earlobe and up to the hairline back from the ear toward the nape of the neck. This type of incision allows for the most concealed and subtle scarring. We also provide laser treatments to help conceal any signs of scarring.

What type of anesthesia is administered?

We perform our facelift with a combination of local anesthesia and twilight sedation.

How long will the results last?

Although a facelift can instantly erase up to ten years from your perceived age, one’s natural aging process will resume. Skin type, sun exposure and lifestyle will attribute to how fast one’s aging process will resume. Ultimately, a facelift can turn back the hands of time, but it cannot completely halt it.

Are there any risks associated with the QuickLift?

Risks are associated with any surgical procedure and facelift surgery is no exception. However, refraining from smoking and carefully following the pre- and post-surgical instructions will reduce the likelihood of complications.

How do I know if facelift surgery is right for me?

If you are in good health ,between 40 – 65+ years of age and looking to correct lax, sagging skin of the mid to lower face, (lower cheeks, jaw line, under your chin), you may be an appropriate candidate for facelift surgery. Patients are prohibited from tobacco and nicotine use.

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