Cosmetic Surgery Glossary

Abdominoplasty: A common surgery, this surgery entails the reshaping of the abdomen. Usually, this is done to provide a firm, tone abdomen for the individual. It includes the removal of skin and fat from the area to tighten the muscles there. Usually the lower and the middle abdomen are the target areas. This surgery can be beneficial to individuals that are looking for help from removal of excess skin or fat in these areas, especially when traditional diet and exercise has not be beneficial to them.

Augmentation Mammaplasty: This term refers to the breast enlargement surgery that is done. This is commonly done through the implantation of breast implants. The surgery is generally done for cosmetic surgery but can be done as a method of reconstructive surgery as well, if needed after a mastectomy or due to other genetic deformities that may be present. The goal is to enlarge the size of the breast. There are several implantations that can be used including silicone, silicone gel implants, string implants, and saline products. This is the third most popular cosmetic surgery done in the US.

Blepharoplasty: In this cosmetic surgery, the procedure will work to reshape the upper eyelid of an individual. The lower eyelid is also benefited. This procedure is done through the removal as well as the moving of tissue in the area. It can be reposition or extracted depending on the need. This also includes the use of reinforcing the surrounding muscles and tendons to provide this additional cosmetic benefit. The procedure is used for several reasons but the most common is for help in removing sagging upper eyelids as well as the sagging lower bags that people may have. In addition, this surgery can be beneficial to elderly people that often experience loss of vision, even in part, due to the excess skin blocking the eye’s vision.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder: Often a reason for getting cosmetic surgery, this disorder causing individuals to believe that they have something wrong with them. They believe that they have a physical deformity that is making them look bad. Some individuals that seek out extensive plastic surgery, with no real reasoning for it, may have this disorder. It is a mental condition, not a physical one that causes this need to have constructive surgery.

Botox: This is a non surgical method of providing for the non invasive treatment of aging. The procedure can be beneficial to those that need help with fine lines. Injections of Botox are inserted into the muscle of the areas that need it, usually the facial areas. This will help the lines to relax and generally lasts for four months. There is no recovery time, it is minimal in payment and offers a fast solution.

Breast Reconstruction: In this surgery, a patient that may have had a mastectomy or other condition in which the breast is not formed in the right manner. These things are corrected through reconstruction surgery. The goal of this surgery would be to create a breast that is more “normal” looking for the individual.

Buttock Augmentation: This surgery is done to enhance the buttocks region. The goal of it is to provide for cosmetic benefits to the individual. The buttocks can be enlarged through the benefit of synthetic implants if the goal is to have larger buttocks. If the individual is looking for a lift, a different surgery is performed. The buttocks augmentation can be at various degrees and usually has the same benefit of that of a breast augmentation. Both men and women can have this type of procedure done.

Cleft Lip & Palate Surgery: In this surgery, the congenital deformity that is caused when the facial development of an individual does not form correctly is corrected. Usually, this surgery is performed right after a child is born to correct it. Depending on the type of cleft procedure needed, it will include the restructuring of the muscles in this area. In addition, the need to provide for the least amount of scaring is necessary.

Cheek Augmentation: This is a cosmetic surgery that includes procedures to help enhance the look of the cheeks. This is usually done as a way to better pronounce the cheekbones in the face. To do this, implants can be used to insert additional facial structure. The implant can lay right on top of the existing cheekbone. Most implants are silicone.

Chemical Peels: A chemical peel is not necessarily a surgery, but is a cosmetic procedure. The chemical peel can benefit the individual in several ways including through the improvement of scars from acne or to improve the skins elasticity (sagging skin). Common types of them include TCA, Glycolic acid and Phenol. The process will encourage new skin to grow to replace the old, scarred or sagging skin. They are effective, but can be a procedure that has a long recovery period. Phenol peels seem to be the most productive. In addition, a cosmetologist can do a chemical peel rather than a surgeon.

Chin Augmentation: The benefit of this surgery will be to improve the look of the chin. Usually, this will include using surgical implants to accomplish this goal. These implants are placed in the right locations to give the face a better structure and to provide for a better balance of the face’s features. There are many options here and often they include a wide range of change abilities. This surgery can be done to correct facial deformities, to enhance the face for cosmetic reasons or for both.

Collagen: Collagen is a protein that is produced by the body. It is the main connective tissue in animals. When the amount of collagen in your body decreases, signs of aging become apparent in such things as wrinkles. It is being used less in cosmetic surgery today than it has been. Nevertheless, by using animal collagen in the face or other areas where there are wrinkles or sagging, the shape of the face and be restored, allowing none of the wrinkles to be seen.

Cosmetic Surgery: Cosmetic surgery is done to improve the physical appearance of your body. These surgeries are done to improve the physical look for cosmetic, or appearance purposes rather than for the benefit of improving the medical condition of someone. There are various types of cosmetic surgeries available. It differs from reconstructive surgery as these surgeries are done to improve the deformities from injuries or birth defects. Cosmetic is done for the level of personal appearance benefit.

Dermalive: This procedure allows for age defying benefits. It is a semi permanent injected implant that can correct lines and wrinkles. This procedure can be used to help in remodeling the face. The main benefit of this procedure over other injected products is that it is said to last several years, rather than months. Additionally, it is of non animal origin and provides for fewer risks of allergy problems. It can help individuals that need help with wrinkles, reshaping of the lip, naso-labial folds (the lines the run from your nose to your lips) as well as help with checks and chins.

Juvederm: This procedure is one in which you can benefit with fewer crow’s feet, better, more fuller looking lips, and by simply helping to remove some of the wrinkles around your face. It uses hyaluronic acid to help in keeping a natural look. It lasts about nine months for some effects, six months for your lips. Juvederm is injected into your face to improve the look for the area. It is not painful and offers no recovery time.

Laser Blepharoplasty: This laser treatment is effective for the treatment of sagging eyelids. It can also help in the removal of excess skin in the upper eyelids and the removal of fatty tissues in the area that is right below the eye. It is an outpatient treatment that uses tiny incisions that are made with the help of a laser. Usually only local anesthesia is used.

Laser Liposuction: The use of Erchonia laser treatments will allow your liposuction procedure to be easier as well as faster. The procedure is done just before you have liposuction. It works by emulsifying fatty tissues to make them easier for removal during liposuction. In addition, the laser application can help to speed up your recovery time as well. The laser used is a low level laser treatment.

Laser Plastic Surgery: There are many types of plastic surgery that can be used done with the help of pulsed CO2 lasers. This will include the laser eye lift and the laser face lift. Both of these procedures work by allowing the laser to tighten the skin. When they do this, they help to encourage your body to improve itself by helping to produce collagen naturally. Other surgeries in which lasers can be used include: stretch mark removal, tattoo removal, eye surgery for the benefit of eye sight, vein removal, scar removal and acne removal. The lasers cut down on the amount of recovery time, the pain and the ability to accomplish more with little time.

Laser Skin Resurfacing: This procedure is used to help remove wrinkles and fine lines from the face. It is an alternative to the more complex procedures of dermabrasion and chemical peels. It uses a CO2 laser to remove superficial wrinkles from around your eyes, your lips, your cheeks as well as your forehead area. It can be beneficial with sun damaged areas as well. Those with scaring can be helped as well.

Labiaplasty: This is a form of plastic surgery that has to do with the labia. This will include any of the four folds of skin and tissue that are near the vulva, in the female genitals. The procedure is done for both the help and benefit of cosmetic reasons as well as to provide medical help to the individuals. The goal of the surgery is to provide for a reshaping of the labia. Some conditions that can be fixed with this surgery include the large inner labia (reduction in this case) or the need to improve the area due to the result of injury or disease. In addition, the surgery can also include the exposure of the clitoris in order for the individual to have sexual benefit. The most common reason for having a labiaplasty is to reduce the size of the labia.

Mastectomy: A mastectomy is the process in which one or both of the breasts are removed. The breast may be removed completely or it may be removed just partially, depending on the need. The most common reason to have a mastectomy is because of breast cancer.

Mastopexy: This is a surgery that encompasses the lift of the breast. The goal is to pull the breast up, into the proper position. This surgery is something that is commonly done as individuals age. It can also be done if implants are removed and there is excessive sagging skin. Some mothers that nurse will benefit from the breast lift as well.

Mesotherapy: This is a procedure that is used as a substitute for liposuction. Instead of removing the fat under the skin, this procedure will be used to dissolve the fat so that it is naturally removed from the body. It is done by a skilled mesotherapist, surgeon. Usually several treatments are necessary for any results to be showcased. In addition, some believe that poor quality providers may not provide the same results as a skilled technician.

Microsurgery: This type of surgery is one in which a microscope is used. The term refers to the procedure that will join blood vessels as well as nerves. In doing this, the procedure allows for the transfer of tissue from location to location. This type of surgery may include such things as skin grafts and the use of reconstructive surgery to repair damage from trauma.

Orthopedic: This type of surgery deals specifically with the musculoskeletal system that is the muscle and bone parts of the body. It is usually done in an effort to relieve acute and chronic conditions including traumatic injuries.

Orthopedic Surgeons: An orthopedic surgeon is a person that performs surgeries of many types on the musculoskeletal system of the body. This includes the muscles and the bones therein. They will treat patients that need surgery and those that do not.

Otoplasty: This surgery is one that is done to help improve the appearance of the ear. Often, it has been deformed through injury or from deformities. In addition, it is done as a cosmetic benefit to those that do not like the way that their ears look.

Restylane: This type of product is used for the help in providing benefits to the skin by removing unwanted wrinkles. It is a cosmetic dermal filler that provides the fullness and volume to the skin that once was there. It is made of non animal stabilized hyaluronic acid which is naturally found in the body. It is injected into the areas that need help. It has no recovery time and offers a simple and fast solution.

Rhytidecotmy: This is a common term used to describe the face lift. In this surgery, the individual’s wrinkles are to be removed. In that, it will give the individual a younger appearance. It is a surgery that involves removing some of the excess skin and tissue. Sometimes, the tightening of the tissues is also included in the surgery. The goal is to pull the skin tighter over the face to pull out the wrinkles there. This is a procedure that is mostly cosmetic in natural. It can be done for the face and neck area. Today, it is one of the most common surgeries performed for cosmetic reasons.

Sliding Genioplasty: This surgery is performed to improve the look for the chin. It can be done to improve the chin height.

Suction Assisted Lipectomy: This surgery is more commonly known as liposuction. The goal of the surgery is to remove the fat that is under the skin. This is done through the insertion of a suction device. It will literally suck out the fat cells in the area. zThere are varying degrees of how much can be lost at one time, but the amount is generally lower. Liposuction is not done for weight loss, but rather for the benefit of removing stubborn areas of fat pockets that will not come off through diet and exercise.

Thermage: This is a procedure that helps to provide the individual with a reduction in the signs of aging. It helps to tighten the skin in the area. It is done with the help of advanced radio frequency techniques. There are no incisions during this time period as well as no recovery time. The procedure will produce a heat that is said to provide for the tightening of the skin. It helps to promote collagen growth as well.