100,000 Haitians are homeless near Jacmel, Haiti.

Upon arrival, Bradley Team Angel was then shuttled to Cayes-Jacmel to the Central Medical Emmanuel-a small clinic in Cayes Jacmel.  

The major hospital in Central Jacmel had been damaged beyond repair. The CME hospital has been offering health care to the people of Cayes Jacmel for more than 25 years.  

The outpatient clinic has associations with humanitarian groups; Doctors United for Haiti. Designed as an outpatient facility, open air tents were erected on site to house in-patients. Patients from the surround region were directed to the CME clinic for care. The team walked into a logistic challenge from the moment of arrival. The free medical clinic open to all people treated an average of 300-400 patients per day with 10-12 surgical cases per day. Typical patient encounters included wound care, reconstructive surgery, emergency critical care problems as well as combating outbreaks of measles, typhoid, diarrhea and dehydration.  

Surgical rounds were completed twice daily.

Cindi Burtnett starts a primary care physical exam.

This young patient sustained injuries during the earthquake, Jan 12, 2010. He had not received care for 5 weeks post quake. The abdominal wall required surgical debridement.


Open air, medical-surgical wards

Major water source for the CME Clinic

Brain checks out the sleeping quarters. Note large crack in the wall thanks to the major earthquake.

Brian Shoemaker keeping an eye on our stuff.

70% of the concrete structures in Jacmel, Haiti were damaged.

100,000 Haitians are homeless near Jacmel, Haiti.

Bradley Team Angel was instrumental in the day to day operation of the CME clinic and surgical suites. Cristy Tuttle, RN and Cindi Burtnett, RN worked in the clinic trenches, triaging patients and providing primary care services. Alan Blackburn, Brian Shoemaker and Brent Clayton completed anything from supply organization, electrician duties to biomedical engineering. Much of the medical equipment at the CME clinic was found to be dilapidated in poor working condition. Dr. Vince Gardner and Dr. James White completed multiple surgeries along with patient critical care. Brian Shoemaker working with detailed communications pushed hard to secure lodging and safe return passage for the team. All members of Bradley Team Angel were allowed to share their faith, prayers and hope with the Haitian people.