When it comes to the appearance of your breasts, size is not the only thing that matters. A lot of women find that they are unhappy with the shape of their breasts, and this can be due to multiple factors. Some women may be unhappy with the way that the effects of aging have diminished the shape of their breasts, and younger women may notice that pregnancy has robbed their breasts of their natural beauty.

The best option for restoring the perky, round, and attractive shape of your breasts is the breast-lift procedure. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. James White is able to enhance the shape of the breasts by precisely removing excess tissue from the breasts and repositioning the remaining tissue. Extreme care is used when performing the procedure to ensure that the breasts have a symmetrical and natural appearance.

Don’t let aging or the effects of pregnancy rob you of your confidence in your appearance – contact Advanced Surgical Concepts today to schedule a consultation for your breast lift.