Aging can change the appearance of our bodies in ways that we may not be prepared to accept. For many people, the appearance of their neck is not their main concern until the noticeable signs of aging begin to appear. Loose skin and wrinkles can create the appearance of a turkey wattle, and issues like vertical neck banding only exacerbate the problem.

Thankfully, you don’t have to let the aging appearance of your neck permanently affect your self-esteem. The neck lift, FaceTite, liposuction, and band lysis were designed to restore the tight and sleek appearance of the neck and its natural contours. Surgical and non-surgical options are available.

During a neck lift, skin, fat, and muscle tissue are manipulated in order to provide long-lasting and noticeable results. The procedure also helps to enhance the appearance of the jawline and chin. FaceTite and liposuction are non-surgical options.

If your aging neck is preventing you from feeling good about the way you look, contact Advanced Surgical Concepts to schedule a consultation. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. James White is dedicated to providing his patients with the exceptional care they need.